Parents are first invited for a tour outside daycare hours and have a tour of my home and learn about the care I provide.  The reason for this is so that I may focus on my discussion with you.

It is important to me to facilitate an informed choice by parents and to ensure that the daycare can meet the needs of their child and the family before an Agreement for Care is signed.   Thus upon receipt of a $75 enrolment fee, a copy of the detailed Parent Handbook, Enrollment Forms will be provided.  The Enrollment forms include:

  •  Agreement for Care
  • Getting To Know Your Child Form
  • Health & Permission Form
  • Emergency Contact Form

This fee will also go towards puchasing new eqiupment for your child while in my care e.g. stainless steel sippy cup.  This fee will be refunded if the parents choose not to register and the Parent Handbook and Enrolment Forms are returned in a re-usable condition.

After the initial visit, one parent or caregiver is invited to visit the daycare during daycare hours.  Parents are asked to follow the drop-in policy during their visit.

In order to secure a space for the child in the daycare, the Agreement for Care and a two-week deposit (applies to the last two weeks of care) are returned.

Two weeks before the care begins, the health forms must be provided.  At this time, if previously agreed upon, I can visit the child in their home to help build a partnership with the parents and to help facilitate the transition into care for the child.

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